Memphis 1968, Ferguson 2014.

We’ve never witnessed an American dream, we’ve only lived an American nightmare. - Malcolm X

There are these older men in the community

that will carry these signs

and stand on busy street  corners or sit in lawn chairs

with signs that say ” I am a man”

I thought it was so strange

and I didn’t understand why

Until Mike Brown’s murder

when it became clear

to the nonblack masses

blackmen are not men

they are demons to be extinguished

vermin to be exterminated

3/4th’s human being

never whole.

Then why are there whites in the background holding signs in the second pic?….

4 black men have been killed by white cops since Mike Brown’s murder

It’s really not the time to try to get cookies for a couple white folks you used Magic Eye to find in one picture when we are talking about national, if not global repercussions of antiblack racism. And by repercussions in this instance I mean genocide.

(via senoritakos)

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